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What components make up the system within which aircraft maintenance engineers work?

Knowledge, skills and abilities, the environment, organizational culture, regulatory requirements, economic climate, public perception of the industry

Define responsibility in the context of an aircraft maintenance engineer.

An obligation of an individual to perform to their best ability, be accountable for their independent acts and decisions, ensure completion of the task, safety of the task, compliance with requirements, and company standards.

How can the relationship between maintenance persons and the system improve safety, efficiency, and well-being?

By understanding the system components, following regulations, and promoting a culture of responsibility and accountability.

Why is team responsibility important in the context of aircraft maintenance?

Team responsibility is important to ensure collective accountability, enhance collaboration, and improve overall task performance.

What factors can contribute towards errors that aircraft engineers might make?

Knowledge, skills, abilities, environment, organizational culture, regulatory requirements, economic climate, public perception of the industry.

How would you describe an aircraft engineer who is responsible?

An aircraft engineer who is responsible performs to their best ability, is accountable for their actions, ensures task completion, safety, compliance, and upholds company standards.

What is the acquired knowledge that people use to interpret experience and generate social behavior?


What is meant by the term 'mindset of a company'?

The way we do things here

List three aspects that are part of the way of life for an entire society.

Manner, Dress, Language

What is required for a safety culture within an organization?

Continuously applied, Create safety information, Do not afraid, Reporting, Flexible, Respect, Train - Learning culture

What is vital for integrity according to the text?

Social culture

What should supervisors and managers counteract between different cultures?

Any problems

What does it mean to be considered responsible according to the text?

To be liable to be called to account as being in charge or control of, or answerable for something.

What is an advantage of individual responsibility mentioned in the text?

He/she must accomplish the job and know that he/she is the only one responsible.

What disadvantage is highlighted in individual responsibility in the text?

May overlook the importance of working together as a cohesive team or group to achieve goals.

What is emphasized in group responsibility according to the text?

Each member must share the accountability of the group goal.

What is the role of the certifying engineer according to EASA part 145.50?

The certifying engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that work is performed and recorded in a satisfactory manner.

Why is it important for an engineer/technician to understand their assigned tasks clearly?

To ensure that the work is done correctly and to be held responsible if something goes wrong.

What is the advice given to handle lack of resources in aviation maintenance?

Check suspect areas at the beginning of the inspection, order and stock anticipated parts before they are required, know all available parts sources, maintain a standard, and ground the aircraft if in doubt.

How should one handle pressure in aviation maintenance according to the text?

Communicate concerns, ask for extra help, say 'NO' if needed, and ensure pressure is not self-induced.

What is recommended to combat lack of assertiveness in aviation maintenance?

Refuse to compromise standards, state concerns, offer solutions, ask for feedback, record non-critical issues, and only sign for serviceable items.

How should stress be managed in aviation maintenance according to the text?

Discuss stress with someone, exercise, be aware of its impact on work, rational problem-solving, take breaks, and determine a course of action.

According to Bill Clinton, when did he make errors in his life?

When he was tired.

What does 'Pressure' in aviation maintenance refer to as stated in the text?

Known as press-on mentally.

What type of simulations are used in CRM to improve future situation awareness for flight crews?

LOFT simulations

In the maintenance environment, what must engineers be able to do in terms of situation awareness?

Extrapolate the consequences of their errors over hours, days, or weeks

What should the situation awareness cues be tailored to in the maintenance environment?

Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)-specific simulations

In CRM, what leadership skills are mainly focused on in terms of intra-team behaviors?

How to lead the team

Apart from intra-team behaviors, what must engineer leaders be skilled at handling?

Handling team 'outsiders' during any phase of the maintenance problem

What should a good MRM programme take into account regarding team 'outsiders'?

Variations in experience, mannerisms, etc.

Test your knowledge and understanding of social psychology Chapter 3 concepts related to the relationship between maintenance persons and systems, team responsibility, safety, efficiency, and well-being in aviation technology. This quiz is designed for students of the Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology.

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