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What is social perception?

The process of observing others

How does social cognition influence the process of interpretation?

By guiding attitudes and behaviors toward others

What is the cognitive confirmation effect also known as?

Expectancy-confirmation effect

Which motive of social cognition involves wanting to obtain a truthful understanding of something?

The need to be accurate

What is the primary role of social cognition?

To navigate through information overload

Which term best describes interpreting situations in a way consistent with our beliefs or expectations?

Expectancy-confirmation effect

What is the main difference between System 1 and System 2 in Dual-process theory?

System 1 is fast and automatic, while System 2 is slow and controlled

How are schemas related to automatic thinking?

Schemas are tools used in automatic thinking as templates for integrating incoming information

What is the main effect of priming on behavior?

Priming activates past experiences that influence behavior

How do scripts differ for individuals with social anxiety?

Scripts become a key aspect of social interactions for people with social anxiety disorder

What role do heuristics play in decision-making processes?

Heuristics are mental shortcuts that influence judgment and choice

Which heuristic leads individuals to judge the likelihood of an event based on how often relevant instances come to mind?

Availability heuristic

Test your knowledge on social perception, cognition, and the cognitive confirmation effect. Understand how social cognition influences the interpretation process and the formation of attitudes and behaviors towards others.

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