Skin Part B Bacteria Classification

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What is the main difference between Cellulitis and Erysipelas?

The layer of the skin they affect

Which bacterium is commonly associated with Impetigo?

Staphylococcus aureus

What is a common complication of Bacterial Erysipelas?


How can fungal infections be differentiated from bacterial infections on the skin?

By the response to antibiotic treatment

What is a key characteristic of Impetigo that helps in diagnosis?

Formation of clusters of vesicles on the skin

What is a common causative agent of impetigo?

Staphylococcus aureus

Which bacterial infection is characterized by a red, swollen, and painful rash with clearly demarcated borders?


What is a characteristic feature of cellulitis?

Lack of clear demarcation on the skin

Which skin condition is commonly associated with group A Streptococcus bacteria?


What can be a risk factor for developing infections like cellulitis and erysipelas?

Broken skin barrier

What is a common risk factor for developing skin infections like cellulitis and erysipelas?

Having a breach in the skin barrier

Which bacterium is known to cause Impetigo, a common skin infection?

Streptococcus aureus

What is a potential complication of untreated skin infections such as cellulitis and erysipelas?

Rheumatic fever

Which method is commonly used to investigate skin infections for causative organisms?

Blood culture

What is the recommended initial treatment for Carbuncles?

Supportive therapy

Which type of infection can present with filled boils/folliculitis that may coalesce?


What is a common investigation performed for lymphatic infections with superficial manifestations?

Lymph node biopsy

What is a characteristic symptom of deep underlying skin infections extending to the subcutaneous tissue?

Purulent discharge

Explore the classification of bacteria related to skin infections and soft tissue diseases, including myobacterial bacteria. Learn about how infections of the skin depend on the layers involved and the sources of these infections.

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