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In the Functional Organizational Design, what is one of the disadvantages mentioned in the given text?

There is a tendency of overdependence on one person for a lot of tasks.

Which departmentalization method is emphasized in the Functional Organizational Design?

Departmentalization based on skill or level of expertise

What autonomy does each division have in Divisional Design?

Conducting hiring and budgeting

What is one of the disadvantages of Divisional Design mentioned in the given text?

Territorial conflicts among various departments

Which design is usually used when the organization offers a variety of product lines or services?

Divisional Design

What is the central authority figure in the Simple Organizational Design?


What does the Functional Organizational Design emphasize for departmentalization?

All of the above

In the Simple Organizational Design, what is the primary role of the owner?

Controlling most undertakings

What is a disadvantage of the Functional Organizational Design?

Overdependence on one person

What is a characteristic of employees in the Simple Organizational Design?

Multiple functions

Test your understanding of the simple organizational design commonly used by small businesses and firms. Learn about the key characteristics of this basic organizational structure, including the role of managers and the span of control.

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