Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis Theory

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Carl Rogers emphasized how people experience their world, not how they ______ it.


According to Rogers, for an individual to be psychologically healthy, they should be in touch with their ______.


Henry Murray, along with Christopher Morgan, developed the Thematic Apperception tests to explore the ______ world of individuals.


Murray emphasized the human nature as it operates in ______ life.


The Thematic Apperception tests (TAT) are meant to explore the ______ life of individuals.


Murray called for orderly methods of investigation and proper statistical treatment of ______.


Being a Neo-Freudian, Murray emphasized unconscious motivations of behavior and related current personality functioning to experiences in childhood. His departure from Freud is noted in the attention he has given to the conscious, manifest personality than Freud did. He made greater effort to test hypotheses in a systematic manner. Gains of ______ methods.


Personality disorders were treated using ______ methods.


The clinical method provided the opportunity to observe a great variety of phenomena as well as the functioning, and also provided a basis for generating new insights into personality ______.


Shortcomings of clinical methods make it difficult for others to confirm the observations or to formulate specific hypotheses that could be tested under more rigorous empirical ______.


The data for clinical methods is collected in the therapist’s office as clients reveal their inner lives in their cognitions, fantasies, emotions, or behaviors. For example, the free association session cannot be ______.


It is difficult to draw a causative link between early childhood experiences and adult ______.


Sigmund Freud is recognized as one of the intellectual giants of the 20th century for developing ______ as a theory of personality and as a method of therapy.


Freud emphasized the importance of unconscious processes, sexual and aggressive instincts, early experience in the formation of personality, the role of anxiety, and ego defense mechanisms in his ______.


Freud encouraged his patients to let their minds wander and practice free association, which involves saying everything that comes to mind without withholding anything, to explore the ______ processes.


Carl Rogers developed the self-actualizing theory of personality, which emphasizes personal ______ and growth.


Rogers's theory was in response to the view of man being driven by dark, unconscious forces and to Skinner's behavioral theory that focused on responding to external forces, by emphasizing the movement of the organism toward ______.


In analytic psychology, the process of anima and animus integration involves bringing together the feminine and masculine aspects of an individual to achieve ______ and wholeness.


Test your knowledge on Sigmund Freud and his influential Psychoanalysis theory which explores unconscious processes, sexual and aggressive instincts, and early experiences in forming personality.

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