Short Story Excerpt: Kit, William, and Rachel

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Why did Kit have to see William to the door?

Because Rachel handed her a candle and she had to use it.

Why did Kit shut the door behind her and William in the hallway?

To keep the chilling draft from the kitchen out.

What did William tell Kit regarding her actions towards her aunt?

That everyone is appreciative of her help.

What does Kit inquire about when William mentions a 'fresh start'?

What he means by a fresh start.

What change does William bring up regarding Kit's future?

That she no longer has to interact with the Cruff child.

What does William believe is important for him and Kit to set an example in?

Choosing the right friends

In the text, why does William express concern over Kit's friends?

He feels that their social status will be judged based on Kit's friends.

Why does Kit mention that Hannah and Prudence are her friends, not charity cases?

To highlight the difference between friendship and charity.

What realization does Kit come to about her relationship with William?

They would always be disappointed in each other.

Why does Kit decide that the fine house is not as important to her?

Because she doesn't want to set a false example for others.

Test your comprehension of a short story excerpt involving Kit, William, and Rachel. Explore the dynamics between the characters through their interactions and dialogues.

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