Separating Grain Seeds from Stalks

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What process is used to separate grain seeds from stalks?


Why is it impossible to pluck grain seeds from their stalks?

Grain seeds are too small

What is the purpose of threshing in the context of separating grain seeds?

To separate the grain seeds from the stalks

In the process of separating grain from stalks, what does winnowing involve?

Blowing air over the mixture

Why is handpicking not a feasible method for separating grain seeds from stalks?

Grain seeds are too small

What do farmers sometimes use to help with threshing?




Learn about the process of separating grain seeds from stalks after harvesting. Discover the challenges farmers face due to the small size of grain seeds compared to fruits like mangoes or guavas. Explore the techniques used to efficiently separate grain seeds from hundreds of bundles of stalks.

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