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Which factor can influence self-concept in body image?

Pregnancy and mastectomy

What type of stressors can affect self-concept role performance?

Role overload and role conflict

How do children develop a sense of self according to the text?

From family caregivers and family norms

What is related to the greatest self-esteem and lower risk behaviors according to the text?

Parental support and parental monitoring

In what way do nurses need to approach building trust relationships according to the text?

Utilize a positive and matter-of-fact approach

What do critical thinking attitudes include, as per the text?

Intellectual and professional standards

What does self-concept profoundly influence according to the text?

Response to illness

What should nurses watch for during self-concept assessment according to the text?

Body language and how patients perceive their illness

What does disturbed body image nursing diagnosis include according to the text?

Unable to look in the mirror and avoids social interactions

What is included in nursing diagnosis of anxiety according to the text?

Decreased self-confidence and restless feelings

What does self-concept evaluation need to be through according to the text?

Patient's eyes with realistic goals

What needs to be individualized while planning for self-concept according to the text?

Cues taken from patients for establishing goals

Which stage of life is positively inflated according to the text?

School age

When does Erikson's psychosocial theory of development suggest that a solid sense of self peaks?

Between ages 60 and 70

What is the term for the internal sense of individuality, wholeness, and consistency of a person over time?


Which factor mentioned in the text involves attitudes related to physical appearance, structure, and function?

Body image

Which stage of life can adversely affect self-concept and self-esteem?


What influences the development of self-concept according to Erikson's psychosocial theory?

Interplay of social and biological factors

What does role performance refer to according to the text?

The ability to carry out roles as we grow older

Which factor includes what a person actually thinks about themselves and their capabilities?


This quiz explores the impact of parental influence, childhood experiences, school age, adolescence, and adulthood on self-concept. It also delves into how self-concept affects perception of health, self-care, and caring for others.

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