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Which score indicates that you always know when you're being unreasonable?


What score suggests that you believe in 'Action this Day'?


At which score level do you feel that delayed gratification is a virtue?


What score implies that you rarely worry about work or life in general?


Which score suggests that you can always motivate yourself even when feeling low?


At what score do you see working with difficult people as simply a challenge to win them over?


Which quality did Daniel Goleman find to be insufficient for success in leadership?


What is a key aspect of self-awareness in emotional intelligence?

Recognizing the influence of your emotions on your behavior

Why is managing emotions considered essential for effective leadership?

To ensure clear thinking during emotional situations

What does the ability to motivate oneself in emotional intelligence enable a person to do?

Persevere and take initiative towards goals

Which aspect of emotional intelligence focuses on understanding and responding to other people's feelings?


According to Daniel Goleman, what distinct quality do truly effective leaders possess in addition to traditional leadership traits?

High degree of emotional intelligence

What is the relationship between self-awareness and empathy?

Self-awareness is essential for empathy

What is Social Skill?

The ability to manage, influence, and inspire emotions in others

Why are emotional intelligence skills considered essential for successful teamwork and leadership?

They are foundational skills for managing emotions, influencing others, and inspiring teammates

What is the purpose of transferring scores to a calculation table based on the text?

To total and interpret your assessment results

Why is it highlighted that the tool provided is not a validated psychometric test?

To convey that individual mood can affect the assessment results

What is the recommended action after assessing your emotional intelligence?

Identify immediate actions to enhance emotional intelligence

Which of the following is NOT one of the 5 emotional competencies mentioned in the text?

Personal motivation

What does it mean if your total score for Self-awareness falls between 18-34 according to the guide?

You need to make it a development priority

If your Empathy total falls into the 10-17 range, what should you do according to the interpretation guide?

Make it a development priority

What should you do if your total for Managing Emotions is 35 according to the guide?

It's already a strength

Which competency should you focus on if your total score is 25 for Empathy?

Social skill

What action should be taken if one's total for Self-awareness is 15 based on the interpretation guide?

Make it a development priority

Which statement indicates a high level of self-awareness?

Others can rarely tell what kind of mood I am in

Which statement suggests the individual is good at conflict resolution?

I am excellent at empathising with someone else's problem

Which statement indicates strong emotional intelligence?

I usually recognise when I am stressed

Which statement suggests good interpersonal skills?

I am always able to see things from the other person's viewpoint

Which statement reflects adaptability?

I love to meet new people and get to know what makes them 'tick'

Which statement suggests good communication skills?

I am an excellent listener

Assess your self-awareness and emotional intelligence by rating statements on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how they apply to you. Evaluate your ability to recognize emotions, reframe situations, empathize, listen effectively, and understand your own feelings.

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