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Which type of seafood includes marine animals found in inland bodies of water?


Which type of fish is characterized by having oil concentrated in the liver?


Which type of seafood have hard protective coverings called chitinous armor?


Which type of seafood have soft, unsegmented bodies protected in calcified shells?


Which type of fish is considered a pelagic fish caught in the open sea?


Which type of seafood includes marine animals with hard shells protecting their soft tissues?


What distinguishes pelagic fish from other types of finfish?

They are caught in the open sea

Which type of fish has oil concentrated all over their bodies?

Fat fish

What is the defining characteristic of mollusks among the types of seafood mentioned?

Soft, unsegmented bodies

Which type of seafood is exemplified by cod, haddock, and whiting?

Round fish

Test your knowledge of seafood with this quiz on the definition, types, and characteristics of various aquatic animals used as food. Explore the categories of seafood, including vertebrates like finfishes, and expand your understanding of the diverse world of seafood.

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