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What is a sprite in Scratch?

An image or character that can be manipulated

What do the purple blocks do in Scratch?

Change how Scratch looks

What does it mean to duplicate something in Scratch?

To create two of the same thing

What does it mean to drag a block in Scratch?

To hold down the mouse button and move the mouse

What is the purpose of a start block in Scratch?

To make the program start

What is the function of the blocks in Scratch?

To instruct the computer what to do

What does it mean to drag a block in Scratch?

To rearrange the blocks

What does a start block look like in Scratch?

It has a green flag on it

Match the following terms with their meanings in the context of Scratch:

Program = Some instructions that tell the computer what to do Blocks = Shapes that fit together to form a program Start block = A block with a green flag that makes the program start Sprite = A character or object in Scratch

Match the following actions with their descriptions in the context of Scratch:

Moving the blocks = Ability to rearrange and connect the blocks together Dragging the block = The action of moving a block by clicking and holding it Duplicating something = Creating a copy of an existing element in Scratch Starting the program = Initiating the execution of the program by using a start block

Match the following attributes with their corresponding blocks in Scratch:

Curved top = Indicates that it is a start block Green flag = Symbolizes the start of the program on a block Purple blocks = Perform specific functions in Scratch Block movement = Ability to drag and rearrange the blocks

Match the following statements with their correct associations in Scratch:

Scratch = Platform where characters or objects are called sprites Instructions = Comprise of different blocks that are used to create a program Fit together = Blocks can be arranged and connected to form a cohesive program Computer actions = Performed based on the instructions given by the blocks

Test your knowledge about the basic concepts of Scratch programming, such as sprites, blocks, and program instructions. Learn about how to use blocks to create programs and make the computer perform specific tasks.

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