Scientific Realism vs Antirealism

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What is the view of scientific realism towards the concepts described by Science?

Which epistemic view postulates that everything is true?

According to constructive empiricism, how should science provide a true story of the Universe?

What does instrumentalism view scientific theories as?

Which epistemic view argues that unobservable concepts must present undeniable physical evidence to be considered real?

What can reductionism be construed as?

Why has theoretical pluralism been criticized?

How can reductionism be viewed in terms of scientific theories?

Why is theoretical pluralism referred to as the 'disunity of science'?

What has been a consequence of theoretical pluralism?


Explore the differences between scientific realism, naive realism, and structural realism in the context of epistemology of science. Learn about the varying views on the nature of scientific theories and the ontology of the Universe.

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