Science and Technology Impact on Society

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What did Freud believe was the main difference between neurotic people and earlier psychiatrists' views?

Faulty software vs. entirely faulty hardware

What was one of Freud's significant contributions to psychology and psychiatry?

Introducing the concept of Oedipal crisis

How did Freud's theories differ from those of his predecessors regarding neurosis?

He focused on inner psychic conflicts instead of organic causes

What was Charcot's view on hysteria's causes compared to Freud's view?

Primarily organic vs. primarily psychological

How did Freud challenge the traditional view of the line between sane and insane?

By suggesting that everyone could become mentally ill

What was one of the key shifts in psychology and psychiatry as psychoanalysis gained popularity?

A focus on inner psychic conflicts over organic causes

In terms of mental health, how did Freud differentiate between 'insane' people and 'sane' people?

'Insane' people had brain diseases, while 'sane' people had healthy brains

What perspective did Freud adopt in contrast to his predecessors regarding mental health issues?

'Insane' issues stem from inner psychic conflicts, not just physical diseases

'Everyone has an Oedipal crisis' is an idea that contributed to which aspect according to Freud's perspective?

'Sane' and 'insane' categories can be blurred

'Purely organic explanations' were rejected by Freud due to their focus on what aspect?

The role of early childhood traumas in mental health issues

Learn about the influence of science and technology on individuals and society, and how it has brought progress in various aspects of life. Explore the unique attributes of science and technology enterprises and their implications for society.

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