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School Events and Performance Anxiety

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How did the narrator feel about participating in the winter concert?

The narrator totally hated participating in the winter concert.

How does the narrator compare their experience at the New Year Art Show to starting school in 206?

The narrator compares the experience of the New Year Art Show to starting school in 206 by mentioning the feeling of having unsuspecting adults pass by.

How does the narrator feel about the attention they receive from others during social events?

The narrator mentioned that they are used to people reacting to them and that it doesn't bother them.

What analogy does the narrator use to describe how they handle minor attention from others compared to a larger audience?

The narrator uses the analogy of walking through a drizzle without needing an umbrella to describe handling minor attention, but a huge gym full of parents is compared to a total hurricane.

How does the narrator observe the formation of parent groups during social events?

The narrator notices that parents end up forming similar social groups as their kids do, like their parents getting along with Jack's and Summer's mom.

What type of notes did Julian leave in Jack's locker?

Stupid and mean notes

Why did Summer think they should report the notes to Ms. Rubin or Mr. Tushman?

To seek help in dealing with the situation

Who was Beulah and why did Auggie and Jack create her?

Beulah was a made-up person with gross habits, created to mock Julian

Why did Julian, Miles, and Henry play tricks on Jack?

They saw Jack as an easier target for their bullying

Why did Auggie and Jack avoid reporting the notes to the school authorities?

They thought it would be like snitching

What did Miles do to Jack's worksheet in homeroom?

Miles swiped Jack's worksheet off his desk, crumpled it in a ball, and tossed it to Julian across the room.

Why did Amos grab the backpack out of Julian's hands when he was dumping pencil-sharpener shavings into it?

Amos grabbed the backpack out of Julian's hands and returned it to Jack to stop the bullying behavior.

What ridiculous rumor did Julian spread about Jack that led to people laughing at him behind his back?

Julian spread a rumor that Jack had hired a 'hit man' to 'get' him, Miles, and Henry.

How did Jack typically react to the bullying incidents described in the text?

Jack never let them see he was upset, although he might have been internally.

By the end of March, who were the only boys still on Julian's side?

By the end of March, only Miles and Henry were on Julian's side.

How does the narrator feel about school events that involve parents and why?

The narrator doesn't like school events with parents because of the attention they receive from unfamiliar eyes.

Describe the impact of receiving an A for the Spud Lamp project on the narrator's friend Jack.

Jack was ecstatic about receiving his first A for the project.

How does the narrator's experience at the Thanksgiving Sharing Festival differ from the Egyptian Museum event?

The Thanksgiving Sharing Festival was the worst because the narrator had to face parents all at once, while at the Egyptian Museum event, the narrator was able to blend in by dressing up as a mummy.

Explain the significance of the narrator comparing themselves to the North Pole in terms of attention from parents during school events.

The comparison symbolizes how the narrator feels like a central point of focus for unfamiliar eyes during such events.

How does the narrator's perception of school events involving parents change over the course of the school year?

The narrator's dislike for such events decreases as the year progresses.

How did the narrator's reluctance to get hearing aids impact their social interactions at school?

The narrator's reluctance to get hearing aids impacted their social interactions by making it difficult to hear teachers and drowning out people's voices.

Describe the narrator's initial reaction to being recommended hearing aids by the doctor.

The narrator initially groaned and declared that they were not going to wear the hearing aids.

Explain the physical appearance of the narrator's ears as described in the text.

The narrator describes their ears as too low on their head, looking like squashed pieces of pizza dough sticking out of the top of their neck.

How did the narrator's family react to the recommendation of hearing aids?

The narrator's family supported and encouraged the use of hearing aids, despite the narrator's initial resistance.

Discuss the internal conflict the narrator faces regarding the decision to wear hearing aids.

The narrator struggles internally with their dislike for hearing aids and the necessity of using them for improved hearing.

How does the narrator's social interactions with classmates change over time in the text?

People have become more friendly and accepting towards the narrator, joking around and even leaving gifts for them.

Describe a specific incident where the narrator's sense of humor helps improve their relationships with others.

When the narrator jokes about the Uglydolls being based on them, their classmates find it funny and appreciate the humor.

How does the narrator's experience with wearing hearing aids reflect their personal growth?

The narrator initially felt uncomfortable about wearing hearing aids but eventually accepts and embraces them as a part of themselves.

Discuss the role of Maya in the narrator's social life and the impact of her actions on their self-esteem.

Maya plays a supportive role by including the narrator in jokes and leaving a gift, boosting their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

How does the narrator's perception of themselves and their relationships with others evolve throughout the text?

The narrator shifts from feeling isolated and insecure to being more confident, accepted, and valued by their peers.

What was the narrator's concern about the earbuds given to them by the ear doctor?

They didn't want to wear a heavy-duty headband that made them look like Lobot from Star Wars.

How did the ear doctor respond to the narrator's reference to Lobot from Star Wars?

He stated that he practically invented Star Wars stuff and found Lobot cool.

What did the ear doctor explain about the different parts of the hearing aids to the narrator?

He explained the function of the curved piece connecting to the ear mold, the tone hook, and the special part attached to the cradle.

Why did the narrator feel miserable when referring to the 'Lobot part' of the hearing aid?

They felt unhappy because they associated it with being different and standing out.

How did the ear doctor try to reassure the narrator about the hearing aids?

He mentioned that Lobot is cool, trying to make the narrator feel better about the situation.

In what way did the narrator's mother react to the ear doctor's explanation about the hearing aids?

She seemed calm and not very familiar with Star Wars references, leading to a blank reaction.

How did the narrator's mother respond to the narrator's complaints about the earbuds?

She tried to be cheerful and assured the narrator that they would hardly notice them.

What adjustment did the ear doctor make to the headphones before placing them on the narrator's head?

He made some adjustments to the headphones to ensure they fit properly.

How did the narrator feel about having to wear the heavy-duty headband with the earbuds?

The narrator felt self-conscious and unhappy about the situation.

What was the significance of the ear doctor's statement 'I practically invented Star Wars stuff'?

It showed the ear doctor's enthusiasm for Star Wars and his knowledge of the franchise.

Explore a text passage describing a student's feelings towards school events like winter concerts and art shows, and how they cope with the pressure of being on display. Reflect on the emotions and experiences of the protagonist.

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