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What is the chief ingredient of a Velouté sauce?

Chicken broth

Which sauce is a rich emulsified sauce made from butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, and cayenne?


What is the key ingredient in a Brown sauce/Espagnole sauce?

Margarine or butter

What is the purpose of making a blonde roux when preparing Bechamel sauce?

To thicken the sauce

Which sauce is the classic standard white sauce?

Bechamel sauce

What is the foundation for the entire classic repertoire of hot sauces?

White sauce/Bechamel

What is the base of a Tomato sauce, one of the five mother sauces in classical French cuisine?

Pork fat

What is the purpose of simmering the mixture of tomato puree and velouté for 30 to 45 minutes?

To reduce its volume

Which step is often skipped in modern adaptations of making Espagnole sauce?

Thickening with a roux

What are the typical aromatics used in making tomato sauce?

Thyme and carrot

Which sauce can be directly used, modified into another sauce, or chilled/frozen for future use according to the text?

Tomato sauce

What is traditionally used to further thicken Tomato sauce besides reducing it into a thick sauce?


What is the main purpose of an Espagnole sauce?

To serve as a base for creating various derivative sauces

Which of the following is NOT a derivative sauce of Espagnole sauce?

Sauce hollandaise

What is the purpose of making a roux in the preparation of Espagnole sauce?

To thicken the sauce

Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in the Espagnole sauce recipe provided?

White wine

What is the purpose of adding the stock in batches to the roux when making Espagnole sauce?

To prevent lumps from forming

What is the term used to describe sauces made by combining two substances that don't normally mix?

Emulsion sauces

Test your knowledge on the fundamental elements of making sauces, including the essential ingredients and techniques for creating leading or mother sauces like Bechamel and Velouté. Learn about the importance of combining ingredients well to achieve a flavorful finished sauce.

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