Sauce Making and Heat Transfer Methods in Cooking

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What is the starting temperature for gelatinization to occur in starch-rich sauces?

Which sauce involves equal parts of flour and butter cooked over medium heat?

What method of heat transfer is primarily used in gas ovens for cooking?

In microwave cooking, which method is the primary source of heat transfer for making white sauce?

What process causes starch grains in sauces to swell up and release amylose into the liquid upon heating?

Which type of oven provides more consistent heat distribution due to its fan mechanism?


  • Starch in flour thickens sauces through gelatinization, where starch grains swell and release amylose into liquid.
  • Gelatinization starts at 60 degrees Celsius and thickens at 85 degrees Celsius, completing when the sauce boils.
  • Roux sauce involves equal parts flour and butter cooked over medium heat, while velouté sauce starts similarly but with added stock.
  • Heat transfer methods in cooking include conduction (for roux), natural or mechanical convection (for sauces), and radiation (for browning).
  • Gas ovens use convection from gas flames, resulting in uneven cooking, while electric fan ovens have more consistent heat distribution.
  • In microwave cooking, an all-in-one method is used for white sauce, with the main heat transfer method being radiation.
  • Starch in sauces undergoes gelatinization when heated, causing starch grains to swell up to five times their size and release amylose into the liquid.
  • Different methods of making sauces include roux and all-in-one methods, utilizing conduction, convection, and radiation for heat transfer.


Learn about the process of thickening sauces through gelatinization and different sauce-making methods like roux and all-in-one. Explore heat transfer methods such as conduction, convection, and radiation in cooking.

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