Sanctions for MT/MLS Schools based on MTLE Performance

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What is the basis for sanctions for MT/MLS schools according to the text?

Both 3-year consolidated MTLE institutional performance and monitoring visits

Which of the following is NOT an area evaluated during the Joint CHED-PRC monitoring and evaluation activities mentioned in the text?


What is the source of data for the institutional passing average of MT/MLS schools' graduates in the MTLE?

Data provided by PRC

When does the policy specified in the text come into effect?

Beginning of school year 2018-2019

Who signed the document mentioned in the text?

Patricia B. Licuanan, PhD

Which clause supersedes all previous issuances concerning MT/MLS education according to the text?

Repealing Clause

What is the primary purpose of the 4th year internship program in the BSMT/BSMLS curriculum?

To give students hands-on training in a CHED-accredited laboratory

Which of the following is NOT a rotational section in the internship program for BSMT/BSMLS students?


What is one of the goals for graduates of the BSMT/BSMLS program?

To acquire critical thinking skills

What are some specific professions/careers that graduates of the BSMT/BSMLS program can pursue?

Public Health Practitioners and Educators

In which field can a MT/MLS graduate practice according to the text?

Public Health

What is the duration of the internship program for BSMT/BSMLS students?

1 year

What are the basic concepts introduced in the curriculum map?

I - Introduction

Which of the following is NOT a qualification required for the dean/head of an HEI offering BSMT/BSMLS program?

Must have at least 10 years of teaching experience

Which degree is NOT mentioned as an acceptable graduate degree for the dean/head of an HEI offering BSMT/BSMLS program?

Master's degree in Business Administration

How many years of managerial/supervisory competence and technical expertise in school management is required for the dean/head position?

2 years

What kind of member must the dean/head be in good standing with according to the text?

PRC-Accredited Professional Organizational for Medical Technologist

Which of the following is NOT listed as a general function/responsibility of the Dean/Head of Medical Technology?

Teaching assignments in other HEIs

This quiz covers the sanctions imposed on Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science schools, which are determined by the 3-year performance of graduates in the Medical Technology Licensure Examination (MTLE) and the outcomes of monitoring visits. Test your knowledge on the criteria used to evaluate institutions and graduates in the field of Medical Technology.

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