RPH100 Prelims: History Theories and Methods

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What is the process of critically examining and analyzing records and survivals of the past?

Historical Analysis

Which term refers to the imaginative reconstruction of the past from data of historical records?


According to Zeus Salazar, what does history go beyond?

Basic facts

Which element is considered an important part of the historical method?

Historical Analysis

What does speculative history focus on?

Reasons for events

What is historiography primarily concerned with?

Imaginative reconstruction of the past

What is the main task of historians according to the text?

To recreate verisimilar images of the past based on surviving evidence

What is the essence of historiography based on the provided text?

Reconstructing the past through historical records

How does history provide a source of personal and social identity?

By helping individuals understand their roots

What role does history play in correcting misleading analogies and lessons?

It helps dispel inaccurate comparisons through factual analysis

What does historiography involve?

Examining historical records to reconstruct the past

How does history contribute to developing tolerance and open-mindedness?

By exposing individuals to diverse historical experiences and perspectives

What is the first step in investigating a subject, as mentioned in the text?

Select subject to investigate

Which library is not mentioned as an example of where to get sources in the text?

Library of Alexandria

What is one of the limitations of historical knowledge mentioned in the text?

History can be limited by bias and incomplete records

What does 'history-as-actuality' refer to according to the text?

Whole history of the past

Why is history sometimes incomplete as per the text?

Because many humans do not leave behind many records

What percentage of history-as-record has come to the historian's attention as per the text?


Test your knowledge on what is history, theories in investigating history, historical method, historiography, and limitations of historical knowledge based on readings in Philippine History Chapter 1.

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