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Which law governs a contract between Kwabena and Agovi if Agovi fails to supply eggs to a company in Abidjan?

International law

Which laws in Ghana incorporate provisions from the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

Children's Act of 1998

What is the primary source of norms in international law?


What was a significant issue with Equity before 1672?

Inconsistency due to decisions changing with each Chancellor.

Who primarily creates international law?


Who is credited with systematizing equity by 1676?

Lord Nottingham.

With what are the practices of international law closely associated?


Which international organization is considered a subject of public international law?

United Nations (UN)

What did the Judicature Act of 1873 aim to achieve?

Administer both common law and equity cases without mixing.

How did Equity differ from Common Law in terms of decision-making?

Equity was based on the conscience of the Chancellor, while Common Law had set measures.

What led to the establishment of a body of precedence in Equity after 1672?

Chancellors being appointed with legal training.

What problem did the practice of both common law and equity cause before the Judicature Act?

Maintenance of multiple courts.

What does the realist school of thought assert about law?

Law is what the judges decide

What concept did Roscoe Pound focus on in relation to law?

Law as a social institution satisfying various needs

How does the realist school of thought differ from the rules school of thought?

Realism emphasizes judicial decisions, while rules focus on historical events

Which school of thought believes that law must be related to the activity of judges or officials in dispute resolution?

Realist school of thought

What limitation is highlighted in the text regarding the realist school of thought's perspective on law?

It doesn't consider law existing before courts

What crucial aspect does Olivia Wendell advocate for in relation to law?

Judges' decisions determining law

What is the main purpose of criminal proceedings?

To punish the offender

How does civil law differ from criminal law?

Civil law compensates the victim, while criminal law punishes the offender

Who is primarily concerned in criminal proceedings?

The State and society in general

In what way does a tort differ from a crime?

Torts violate private rights, crimes involve public rights

What distinguishes public law from private law?

Public law involves State organs, private law involves individuals

Which legal concept necessitates bringing both criminal and civil actions against a perpetrator?

Dual liability

What is the minimum number of Justices of the High Court required for the trial of the offence of high treason or treason?

Three Justices of the Court

What jurisdiction does the High Court have in matters related to Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms?

Jurisdiction to enforce Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms

Who can request to sit as High Court Justices according to Section 14 of Act 459?

The Chief Justice

In a trial for the offence of high treason or treason, what power does the High Court have regarding convictions?

Power to convict only for high treason or treason

Which type of jurisdiction does the High Court lack in trials for high treason or treason?

Original jurisdiction

Who can constitute the High Court according to the provided text?

A Regional Tribunal Chairman

Test your knowledge on the legal implications of entering into international contracts. Explore the concepts of private international law and the governing rules for cross-border agreements.

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