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What is the primary purpose of Attorney-Client Privilege in the American legal system?

To encourage clients to seek legal advice and participate in legal strategy

In which legal system are judges considered independent and not civil servants?

Common law tradition

Which legal tradition has a heavy influence of Roman law and emphasizes categorization and coherence?

Civil law tradition

What is a characteristic of the common law reasoning process?

Moves from the general to the particular

Which type of law is typically more concerned with integrating moral principles into legal reasoning?

Civil law

What does the Common law tradition focus on regarding contracts?

Analyzing faults in contracts

What distinguishes the American system from the French system in terms of legal professions?

In the American system, 'everyone is a lawyer' with less role distinction.

How do U.S. courts handle the functional equivalent analysis for French legal roles?

By extending attorney-client privilege based on role similarities.

What is a key difference between civil law and common law traditions regarding law production?

Civil law is based on national codes while common law uses judicial decisions.

Which legal system places a stronger emphasis on the integration of moral principles into legal reasoning?

Civil law

What distinguishes the civil law tradition regarding the role of judges in law-making?

Judges are key producers of law in civil law countries.

Which legal tradition is characterized by the development of law through setting precedents?

Common law

How does the American legal system view the status of in-house counsel compared to France?

'Juriste d'entreprise' do not have the same status as U.S. practicing lawyers.

What is one key difference between U.S. and French legal systems regarding attorney-client privilege?

In France, only practicing lawyers enjoy attorney-client privilege.

How does the American legal system differ from the French system concerning judges?

U.S. judges are independent and not civil servants.

Test your knowledge of legal terms commonly used in contracts. Learn about concepts like Force Majeure, which exempts parties from obligations during unforeseen events, and Pacta Sunt Servanda, which emphasizes the importance of upholding agreements.

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