Roman Republic Formation

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Who ruled over Rome before the Roman Republic was established?

Etruscan kings

What event led to the establishment of the Roman Republic in 509 BCE?

The deposition of the Etruscan king

Who was one of the key figures in leading the Romans to depose the Etruscan king in 509 BCE?

Lucius Junius Brutus

What role did the Assemblies have in the Roman Republic?

To represent the people and decide on important issues

How did the Romans prevent a ruler from having too much power in the Roman Republic?

By having two consuls with checks on each other

What was the primary reason for the establishment of the Roman Republic in 509 BCE?

To depose an oppressive king and gain freedom

What governmental system replaced the rule of Etruscan kings in Rome?


What was the key reason behind the Roman Republic's military success?

Wealthy Roman men formed the majority of the military

What was a significant difference between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire?

Government structure

Who were the only people allowed to lead in the Roman Republic's government?

Patricians, the wealthy class

What was the role of Consuls in the Roman Republic government?

Leading military armies to war

Which assembly in the Roman Republic consisted of ordinary citizens or plebeians?

Tribal Assembly

What was a unique feature of Rome's treatment towards conquered territories?

Respecting existing political institutions and cultures

Who became Rome's first emperor and changed the government from a Republic to an Empire?

Augustus (Octavian)

Why did wealthy Roman men form the majority of Rome's military?

Only they could afford required weapons

Learn about the establishment of the Roman Republic in 509 BCE and the transition from Etruscan rule in Rome. Explore how the wealthiest citizens played a key role in deposing the king and forming different Assemblies to represent the people.

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