Robots in Industry and Daily Life

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What is one of the labor-intensive jobs that industrial robots help with?


Where are robots being utilized in physical therapy?

Henn-na Hotel

What is Pepper designed for?


Where can guests interact with human-like and velociraptor receptionists?

Henn-na Hotel

What are roboticists working on creating for the future?

Faster and more advanced robots

Study Notes

  • Industrial robots are being used to save time and effort in labor-intensive jobs like sorting, packing, assembling car bodies, and moving heavy objects.
  • Robots are also being utilized in areas like physical therapy for patients and are slowly entering daily life, such as at Henn-na Hotel in Japan.
  • At Henn-na Hotel, guests can interact with human-like receptionists, velociraptor receptionists, robots carrying luggage, mixing cocktails, baking snacks, and more.
  • Pepper, a robot designed for companionship, is available for purchase to keep people company, particularly appealing to teenagers.
  • A new generation of roboticists is working on creating faster and more advanced robots to improve movement and functionality.

Explore the role of industrial robots in labor-intensive jobs like sorting and packing, as well as their integration into areas like physical therapy and hotels. Learn about companion robots like Pepper and the advancements being made by a new generation of roboticists.

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