RM 111: Principles of Procurement Management Quiz

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What is the foundation of public procurement?

Rules and a code of conduct for practitioners

Who should have a clear understanding of public procurement principles?

Procurement students, practitioners, officers, and specialists

What is procurement's function in both the public and private sectors?

Critical management function

What is the main objective of procurement in both public and private sectors?

To obtain the goods, services, and materials needed to meet organizational goals

What is the goal of public procurement?

To facilitate the delivery of goods and services

How are contracts typically awarded in the public sector?

By competitive bidding process

What is the primary function of procurement in organizations?

To obtain goods, works, and services from suppliers

What is the role of compliance in the public sector procurement?

To ensure that public funds are spent in a fair and equitable manner

How does the private sector typically award contracts?

By negotiating terms and conditions with suppliers

What is one of the key differences between public and private sector procurement?

Use of procurement technology

Test your understanding of the principles that govern the management of public procurement and set the framework for the rules and a code of conduct for public procurement practitioners. This quiz covers the foundational aspects of procurement principles.

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