Review Erikson's Developmental Theory - Infant Stage

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What is the primary task during infancy according to Erikson's theory?

Establishing trust in caregivers and the world

What may result from a failure to establish trust during infancy according to Erikson?

Feelings of insecurity and mistrust in relationships later in life

What is the main conflict during the toddler stage in Erikson's theory?

Developing independence versus feelings of shame and doubt

What is a common characteristic of toddlers according to Erikson's theory?

Engaging in manipulative tantrums

What is the main focus of pre-school children according to Erikson's theory?

Showing initiative in learning new things

What is the primary task during adolescence according to Erikson's theory?

Building a coherent sense of self and identity

What is the main focus of Secondary Prevention in healthcare?

Screening and diagnosing conditions early

Which level of healthcare aims to help individuals regain their previous level of health or achieve the highest level of function possible?

Tertiary Prevention

What is the primary goal of Primary Prevention in healthcare?

Promoting health and preventing illness

Which of the following is NOT an example of Tertiary Prevention in healthcare?

Cancer screenings

In the Nursing Process, what comes after the 'Assessment' phase?


What is the focus of Secondary Prevention in terms of diseases?

Screening and diagnosing conditions

This quiz focuses on reviewing Erikson's developmental theory specifically related to the infant stage. It covers topics such as developing a sense of trust in caregivers and the world, and the importance of consistent caregiving for healthy development.

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