Research Studies in Educational Psychology

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What type of research did Agarwal, Bain, and Chamberlain conduct?

In what journal was the research by Agarwal, Bain, and Chamberlain published?

What was the achievement focus of the study by Blackwell, Trzesniewski, and Dweck?

Which study focused on shrinking achievement differences with anchored math problems?

What is the focus of the article 'Focus on Formative Feedback'?

Which study investigates individual differences in achievement goals among young children?

What is the 'Worked Example Effect' related to?

Which article discusses high-leverage practices in teaching?

What aspect does Graesser & Olde (2003) focus on in their research?

What is the main topic of Hattie & Timperley's (2007) research?

According to Day & Goldstone (2012), what is crucial in the transfer of learning?

What is the primary focus of Karpicke, Butler, & Roediger's (2009) study?


This quiz covers research studies in Educational Psychology by Nielson, Zielinski, Ferguson, Lainhart, Anderson, Glaser & Chi, Willingham, Agarwal, Bain, Chamberlain, Agodini, Harris, Atkins-Burnett, Heaviside, Novak, and Murphy. Test your knowledge on key findings and recommendations from these studies.

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