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What is the term for a tendency to assume that a person with a strong reputation and high status is automatically right, without evaluating the quality of the information?

The halo effect

Which step in a research project sequence typically comes third?

Design study

What triggers premature closure in research?

Confidence in having all the answers

In a study about people moving from Hong Kong to Toronto, what does the researcher need to establish to show temporal order in the casual argument?

Events occurred in Hong Kong before the decision to move

At what level does a theory that explains the rapid industrialization of newly industrializing countries operate?


What ethical principle is violated when a researcher asks teenagers to shoplift for observation?

Do not place subjects in legal jeopardy

In social research, when is the use of deception considered ethical?

Deception can be used if it is necessary for specific research purposes and subjects are informed and consent

What is the major issue with the measure developed by Dr. Good to test recovery time in female clients with eating disorders?

Lack of construct validity

What does an ordinal categorical variable measure?

Order or rank of a variable

What is the error based on aggregate data that occurs when assumptions about individuals are made?

Ecological fallacy

Test your knowledge on research project steps and concepts with these example questions. Practice identifying the third step in a research project sequence, recognizing the halo effect, and understanding studies conducted by professors.

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