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What is the main focus of research in popular usage?

Gathering information, especially for a project or literary work

What activities does research denote in academic fields?

All of the above

What are the characteristics of good research as per the text?

All of the above

Which method of reasoning involves a systematic approach from a general assumption to a specific application?

Deductive method

What is the major premise based on in the method of deduction?

Theory, rule, law, principle, or general understanding

What is the main goal of induction in the scientific method?

To find patterns and regularities

In the inductive-deductive method, what does the researcher do after proposing a hypothesis through induction?

Predict results

What is a key characteristic of hypotheses in the scientific method?

They must be 'falsifiable'

What is the purpose of developing a hypothesis in the scientific method?

To explain the phenomenon under study

After conducting an experiment and collecting data in the scientific method, what should the researcher do next?

Accept, modify, or reject the hypothesis

Test your knowledge on research methods, scientific inquiry, and the scientific method with this quiz. Explore topics such as induction, deduction, formulating hypotheses, and the purpose of research in academic and popular contexts.

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