Regional States in India: Vijayanagar Empire and Bahamani Sultanate

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What were two regional states that rose in India during the 13th to 15th century CE?

Why did Muhammad-bin-Tughluq move the capital of the Delhi Sultanate to Daulatabad in the south?

What was the consequence of Muhammad-bin-Tughluq's decision to move the capital to Daulatabad?

How did the rise of the Vijayanagar Empire and Bahamani Sultanate relate to the decline of the Delhi Sultanate?

What challenge did the immense distance between north and south pose for the management of the southern regions by the Delhi Sultanate?

Who led a rebellion against the Tughluqs in 1339 and later established the Bahamani Sultanate?

Which brothers established the Vijayanagar Empire in 1336?

Which dynasty is Krishna Deva Raya associated with?

Which region was a rich source of diamonds during Krishna Deva Raya's reign?

Who surrendered to Krishna Deva Raya after a year of continuous warfare?

Which fortresses did Krishna Deva Raya conquer by defeating the Bahamani Sultans?

How did Krishna Deva Raya maintain relations with the Portuguese traders?

What did Krishna Deva Raya provide to the Portuguese traders in exchange for horses and guns?

Which region did Krishna Deva Raya grant mining rights to the nobles to earn revenue?

What was Krishna Deva Raya's belief about revenue and prosperity?


Explore the rise of the Vijayanagar Empire and Bahamani Sultanate during the 13th to 15th century CE in India, and how they were influenced by the decline of the Delhi Sultanate. Learn about the historical events that led to the establishment of these regional states.

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