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What is the primary role of recycling in waste management?

To convert waste materials into new materials and objects

What is the key role of bacteria and other microbes in waste recycling?

Biodegradation of organic materials and nutrient recycling

How does recycling contribute to environmental sustainability?

By preventing the waste of potentially useful materials

In what way are microbes essential to waste recycling?

Fermentation stages of waste recycling

What do bacteria and other microbes do in marine ecosystems?

Biodegradation of oil

Under what conditions is ammonia further oxidized to nitrate?

Aerobic conditions

What are phosphate and sulphate oxidized to in organic substances?

Phosphate and sulphate

What is the main gaseous by-product of anaerobic conversion?


What is the product mainly produced from the conversion reactions of organic wastes for food by microorganisms?

Cellular material of micro-organisms

What does the growth yield depend on?

The type of substrate and environmental conditions

What is the main role of microbes in biodegradation?

Recycle nutrients by decomposing organic materials

What is the major component of natural gas produced by microbes during degradation of organic materials?

Methane gas

Which process results in the liberation of carbon dioxide in dough making bread rise?


What is the microorganism Aspergillus carbonarius used for in waste recycling?

Biodegradation of chromium shavings

What do natural biodegradation and fermentation have in common?

Both involve the use of microbes to decompose organic materials

What does microbial fermentation result in when degrading brewery waste and organic materials?

Production of methane gas

Test your knowledge about the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. Learn about how recycling can help save material, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce energy and water pollution. Explore the key components of recycling in this quiz.

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