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What aspect of the patient's response to chronic illness does the Shifting Perspectives Model focus on?

The person's perspective and their shifting viewpoint

When a patient expresses, 'I can not walk up and down the stairs safely,' what aspect of their needs is being highlighted?

Mobility challenges

Which statement reflects a positive coping mechanism by the patient with chronic illness?

"I go online to be with my friends and exercise with them"

What is the primary goal of rehabilitation for Mrs. Limza?

Restore or improve ability to perform ADL’s

Which assessment tool might be useful in evaluating Mrs. Limza's functional abilities pre-discharge?

Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living

How can Mrs. Limza's quality of life be enhanced during her rehabilitation process?

Encouraging social interactions with peers

Why is observation considered the best way to determine actual ability in acute care or rehab?

It is a team approach formalized by Occupational Therapy

What is the distinguishing factor between acute illness and chronic illness on ADL’s and IADL’s of the older adult?

Extent of impact on daily living activities

Which type of changes in ADL’s and IADL’s can occur quickly and be related to a disease process?

Changes related to chronic conditions

Why is it important for an older adult to learn to live with a chronic condition?

To manage rather than cure the chronic condition

Test your knowledge on identifying functional abilities in older adults for self-care and independent living. Topics include chronic illness, frailty, and conditions that require ongoing medical attention.

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