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What was one of Minna Canth's notable contributions to literature during the Realism era?

Authoring plays and articles that addressed societal issues

In what way did Minna Canth advocate for women's rights during the Realism movement?

She insisted on equal educational opportunities for girls and boys

How is Realism distinguished from other literary movements based on the information provided?

It realistically describes contemporary society

What is a key characteristic of Realism in 19th-century literature?

Detailed and precise description of the world as it is

Which of the following topics were often addressed by Realist writers in their works?

Inadequate healthcare, bad hygiene, poverty, and alcoholism

Which author is mentioned as one of the significant Realist writers of the 19th century in the text?

Minna Canth

Which literary movement aimed to portray life as it is, focusing on the ordinary and everyday aspects of society?


Which of the following writers is NOT typically associated with the Realism movement in literature?

Jane Austen

What is a key characteristic of Realism in literature as mentioned in the text?

Portraying life truthfully and accurately

How does Minna Canth contribute to the Realism movement in literature?

By addressing social issues realistically and critically

Test your knowledge on the literary movement of Realism, where writers directly addressed societal issues and often supported the marginalized. Explore how Realist writers tackled injustices and depicted the realities of people and society.

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