Rational Choice Theory and Decision Making Quiz

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Rational Choice Theory - individuals use their self-interests to make choices that will provide them with the greatest ______

Rational means people act based on or in accordance with ______ or logic

Choice refers to an act of selecting or making a ______ when faced with two or more possibilities

Structure preference refers to the idea that people are motivated by their personal aspirations, ______, and it is not possible for them to attain all of the things that they want

CENTRALITY OF INDIVIDUALS IN THE EXPLANATION OF GROUP OUTCOMES means that rational choice theorist believe that it is by reference to the maximizing actions of individuals that group outcomes ______

Symbolic interactionism focuses on the symbolic meaning developed by people in the process of ______

Society is examined by concentrating on the subjective meanings that people impose on things, incidents, and actions due to the lens of symbolic ______

According to the American Psychoanalytic Association, psychoanalysis is a comprehensive theory about human nature, drive, actions, growth, and ______

Psychoanalysis is also a method of treatment for psychological problems and challenges in living a successful ______

Psychoanalysis means 'analysis of the ______'

According to symbolic interactionism, society is examined by concentrating on:

In symbolic interactionism, what are symbols used for?

According to Mead, what are the two parts of the self?

What does psychoanalysis refer to, according to the American Psychoanalytic Association?

What is the origin of the word 'psychoanalysis'?

According to Rational Choice Theory, what does 'rational' mean?

In the context of Rational Choice Theory, what does 'structure preference' imply?

What does 'utility maximization' refer to in societies according to the Rational Choice Theory?

In Decision Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty, what do individuals do with the information they have?

What does Rational Choice Theory emphasize in the explanation of group outcomes?


Test your knowledge of rational choice theory and decision making under conditions of uncertainty. Explore how individuals use self-interest and logic to make choices that provide them with the greatest benefit.

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