Quantitative Research Design and Data Collection Procedure Quiz

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In quantitative research, which type of design is used to investigate the direction and magnitude of relationships among variables in a particular population?

What type of research design is primarily concerned with cause and effect relationships in studies that involve manipulation and measurement?

In experimental research, participants are randomly selected for which type of group?

What type of research design does a one-group pretestposttest design belong to?

What characteristic distinguishes true experimental design from quasi-experimental design?

At what point in time is data collected in cross-sectional survey design?

What type of research design is being used to investigate the association between senior high school students’ use of social media and their attention span in class?

Why is correlational research design chosen for the study?

Which specific type of research design will be employed to investigate the association between social media use and attention span?

Why is the specific methodology of correlational research chosen for the study?

What type of sampling involves selecting subgroups in the same proportion as they exist in the population?

What sampling technique involves selecting a group of individuals who are conveniently available for study?

What sampling technique involves selecting a sample based on prior information believed to provide the needed data?

What sampling technique involves selecting groups or clusters of subjects rather than individuals?


This quiz covers the methodology of quantitative research design, sampling procedures, data collection plans, and analysis methods. It includes topics like descriptive, correlational, and cross-sectional survey designs for systematic data collection.

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