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What does SCI-FI stand for in the given text?

Science Fiction

In the context of the text, what does 'vertical' refer to?

Raising or harvesting fish

What is one of the possible areas of interest for research according to the text?

Example 05 Humanities

In qualitative research, what is the nature of data and instruments typically used?

Words, images, narratives

What is a key difference between qualitative and quantitative research in terms of establishing hypotheses?

Hypothesis should be established before the research begins in quantitative research.

Which type of research applies statistical analysis to search for patterns and themes?

Quantitative research

What is a common characteristic of quantitative research in terms of the number of respondents needed for data collection?

Needs many respondents

What is a key aspect of ethnographic research that involves staying in the community?

Engaging with the locals and learning their language

What is a crucial final step for a case study according to the text?

Analyzing the meaning of the case

In ethnographic research, what type of data collection is emphasized from various sources?

Detailed and in-depth data collection over time

What is the main goal of a phenomenological study?

To find the essence of a phenomenon and understand its nature

How does Grounded Theory research approach the development of a theory?

By repeating testing and validating to develop a theory grounded in data

What is a key aspect of conducting ethnographic research?

Observing, interviewing, and documenting indigenous communities

In a phenomenological study, what does the researcher aim to understand?

The essence of a phenomenon and its nature

What is a common challenge associated with open-ended questions in qualitative research?

They require long-time data aggregation

Why is generalization difficult in qualitative research?

Data are collected from a few cases

How can a researcher's presence impact the data collected in qualitative research?

Influence the participants' attitude

What method of inquiry is suggested for a narrative researcher interested in gathering information about a person's life?

Making a biographical list of growing years

Test your knowledge on the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Explore the differences between these two approaches and enhance your understanding of research methodologies.

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