Qualitative Research Methods in Ethnography

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What is a distinguishing characteristic of qualitative research according to Kania (2008)?

Iterative process

What is a strength of qualitative research highlighted in the text?

The value of variables in their natural setting

What is identified as a weakness of qualitative research in the text?

Demonstrating the rigidity of the data

Why might the responses of subjects be affected in qualitative research?

Researchers are bound to be present during data gathering

What is the main goal of ethnography as described in the text?

To immerse subjects in an unfamiliar culture and describe its characteristics

What does the Grounded Theory Method focus on?

Explaining why a course of action evolved

What language does the term 'ethnography' originate from?


How does an ethnographer typically approach studying a culture?

By immersing themselves to become part of the culture

What is the primary focus of qualitative research?

Describing how any one participant experiences a specific event

What is the main goal of the phenomenological method of research?

To examine the uniqueness of individual’s lived situations

What does Phenomenology mainly focus on?

Describing how any one participant experiences a specific event

Which type of research seeks to describe participants' 'lived experience' during an event?

Phenomenological research

What is the primary focus of grounded theory in user or satisfaction surveys?

Understanding why consumers use company products or services

In which model is data collected from various sources to create a bigger conclusion?

Case Study Model

Which model answers questions based on a hypothetical idea and tests it with resources?

Historical Model

In which model does the compilation of information occur over extended periods of time?

Narrative Model

What is the purpose of using the narrative method in businesses, according to the text?

To define buyer personas and identify innovations

Which type of qualitative research is focused on immediate problem-solving or a reflective process?

Action research aimed at problem-solving

What is the main focus of the statement 'The language development of 9 months old baby'?

Language development of a young child

How are buyer personas utilized by businesses in the context of qualitative research?

To identify innovations appealing to a target market

Explore the popular and widely recognized method of qualitative research known as Ethnographic Model, which involves immersing subjects in an unfamiliar culture to learn and describe its characteristics. The quiz covers topics such as interviewing achievers, understanding senior citizens' experiences, and conducting ethnographic studies.

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