Qatar's Economic Conditions Before Oil Discovery

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Why did economic conditions in Qatar deteriorate between 1939-1949?

Due to the halt in oil explorations in 1942 and the stagnation of pearl fishing caused by the war.

What did Sheikh Abdullah do during the crisis to alleviate the food shortage in Qatar?

Sought British help to bring food supplies into the country.

What did the 1916 Treaty between Britain and Qatar stipulate?

Britain would supply the Sheikh of Qatar with 500 rifles and 75,000 rounds of ammunition each year.

Why did Britain delay in supplying the rifles and ammunition to Sheikh Abdullah?

Britain kept delaying but eventually provided the weapons in 1926.

What was the agreement between Britain and Sheikh Abdullah in 1926?

Britain agreed to provide Qatar with 500 rifles and 75,000 rounds of ammunition for 25,500 rupees.

How did the closure of Paris markets impact economic conditions in Qatar?

It worsened the conditions as pearl sales stopped due to the war.

Who succeeded Sheikh Abdullah as the ruler of Qatar in 1949?

Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani

Why did the British authorities pressure Sheikh Abdullah to approve the appointment of a British political agent in Doha?

To connect Qatar to British politics and expand relations between the two countries.

Who was appointed as Qatar's first British political agent in 1949?

John Wilton

Why was Britain late in appointing a political agent in Qatar?

Sheikh Abdullah refused to appoint one, and Britain did not want to force it on him.

What changed the British position towards appointing a political agent in Qatar in early 1949?

Oil explorations after World War II indicated great potential for extracting and exporting oil in Qatar.

How did Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani demonstrate his approval of agreements with the British government?

He endorsed the validity of the agreements signed between his father and the British government.

When did British geologists begin a geological survey of Qatar?


Why did Sheikh Abdullah refuse to receive the Anglo-Persian Oil Company's representative in 1926?

Lack of security due to his followers' lack of weapons

What did Sheikh Abdullah do in 1938 to confirm his authority over the western coast of Qatar?

Built the Zubarah Castle

Why did Britain decline Sheikh Abdullah's request for armored cars in 1938?

Claimed armored cars were not suited to operate in the country

How did Britain try to exert pressure on Sheikh Abdullah in 1946?

Founded the Rumaila Hospital and assigned its doctor as an unofficial political agent

What event occurred in May 1948 that led to Sheikh Abdullah appointing his son as crown prince?

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah's death

How did Sheikh Abdullah try to counter Britain's pressure to appoint a British agent in Qatar?

Nominated his son as the crown prince before a congregation

What did Britain accuse Sheikh Abdullah of in their attempts to pressure him?

Not maintaining security and not wholeheartedly fighting the slave trade

Why did Britain wish to keep Sheikh Abdullah in constant need of British aid?

To retain the right to defend Qatar

What was the primary source of wealth that led to the renewal of the dispute between Bahrain and Qatar in 1937?

Land due to granting of oil exploration concessions

Explore the economic struggles faced by Qatar between 1939-1949 before the discovery and export of oil. Learn about the impact of halted oil explorations and the decline of the pearl fishing industry on the local population.

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