Biomedical Entomology Notes: Insects and Bug Classification

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Who is credited with demonstrating the role of mosquitoes as vectors of avian malarial parasites?

Which arthropod is the principal vector of the yellow fever virus?

Who led the US Yellow Fever Commission at Havana, Cuba?

Which arthropod transmits the trypanosomes that cause African trypanosomiasis?

Who demonstrated that human body lice are vectors of Rickettsia prowazekii, the agent of louse-borne typhus?

Who is credited with presenting persuasive evidence that mosquitoes are involved in the transmission of yellow fever virus to humans?

Which vector is associated with causing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Who demonstrated the role of fleas as vectors of the bacterium that causes plague?

Which arthropod is involved in the transmission of the agent that causes American trypanosomiasis (Chagas’ disease)?

What is the study of insects, insect-borne diseases, and other associated problems that affect humans and public health?

Which discipline includes the study of insects and insect-related problems that affect domestic animals, livestock, companion animals, captive animals in zoos, and wildlife?

Which term refers to the combination of medical and veterinary entomology?

Which insect was identified by Patrick Manson as the transmission vector for Wucheriria bancrofti?

Which period is known as the Golden Age of Medical Veterinary Entomology?

Which of the following diseases is NOT influenced by insect vectors?


Test your knowledge on biomedical entomology with a focus on the classification of insects and bugs. Learn about Hemiptorums, true bugs, and the distinction between insects and bugs. Explore the study of medical entomology and veterinary entomology, and their relevance to human and animal health.

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