Pulses and Dairy Farming in Pakistan

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What is the definition of dairy farming?

Rearing cattle in farms for production of milk, meat and other products

Where are some locations ideal for rearing sheep breeds according to the text?

Western mountainous region, Hazara, Okara, Kaghan Valley

Which variety of sheep breeds produce wool that meets international standards?

Bibric and Harnai

Where are the ideal areas in Pakistan for rearing goat breeds according to the text?

Fertile and semi-arid areas like Potwar Plateau and Thal

What is the significance of Pashmina in the context of the text?

Pashmina is the hair of Kaghan valley goats used in shawl weaving.

Why are only chickens farmed on a large scale for meat and eggs in the poultry industry?

Chickens are farmed on a large scale because they are a cheap alternative, delicious, and fulfill daily protein requirements.

What is the position of Pakistan in terms of broiler chicken production globally?

Pakistan is the 11th largest broiler chicken producer in the world, producing more than a billion broiler chickens in 2021.

How can the issue of load shedding in Pakistan's electricity supply be addressed?

The issue of load shedding can be solved by expanding the grid, upgrading the distribution system, and introducing cheaper sources of electricity like hydel, wind, and nuclear.

What are some examples of activities that fall under agro-based industry?

Poultry farming, bee farming, small scale animal farming, paddy husking, oil extraction, and jaggery production

How does the leather industry in Pakistan contribute to the economy?

It earns foreign exchange through the export of animal skins, hides, leather tanning, and crafts like camel skin lamps.

What are some examples of crafts undertaken by rural and urban artisans in Pakistan?

Ivory cutting and inlay, cane craft, sports industry, wooden craft and furniture, earthen ware, tile making, glass bangles, and brick making in kilns

How does carpet weaving contribute to Pakistan's foreign exchange earnings?

Carpet manufacturing is a major export industry in Pakistan, contributing to 5% of foreign exchange earnings.

Learn about the nutritional benefits and production details of pulses like gram, moong, masoor, and mash in Pakistan. Explore the significance of gram in the country's pulse consumption and the diverse conditions required for different types of pulses. Delve into the definition and practices of dairy farming in Pakistan, which involves rearing cattle for milk, meat, and other products.

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