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What is the role of GABA?

Regulate mood and appetite

Which enzyme is responsible for metabolizing serotonin first?

Monoamine oxidase

What would happen if L-aromatic amino acid carboxylase is inhibited?

Decrease in serotonin production

Which imaging technique captures neural activity?


What is the focus of self-determination theory?

Psychological growth

Which neurotransmitter is more associated with anxiety than aggression?


'Athletes attribute their win to hard work and practice' is an example of what type of attribution?


'A negative correlation was found between PET scan results and neural activity' implies what relationship?

'As one increases, the other decreases'

Test your knowledge on various research methods and terms in psychology, including case-control studies, meta-analysis, type 1 and type 2 errors, and strain theory. Explore concepts such as role conflicts, memory, language, and treatment.

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