PSY 325 Cognitive Psychology: Perception in Psychology

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What does the Principle of Good Continuation refer to?

What is the main idea behind the Principle of Good Figure mentioned in the text?

In the context of Gestalt Exercise, what does the Figure-ground principle entail?

How does the Principle of Good Figure influence our perception of stimuli?

Which principle involves perceiving scenes based on what is assigned as a background?

What is the key concept behind the Gestalt Exercise described in the text?

How do our minds perceive stimuli based on the Principle of Good Continuation?

Which principle focuses on perceiving elements as simple and regular when they overlap?

In what way does the Principle of Good Continuation influence our perception?

What is the primary focus of the Figure-ground principle?


Test your knowledge on the role of expectations and senses in perception, as well as the different approaches to understand perception in psychology. Explore direct perception theories, bottom-up processing, and constructive perception theories.

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