Protein Structures: Secondary and Tertiary Structure

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What type of structure represents the overall folding of polypeptide chains?

Tertiary structure

Which structure of proteins is held together by intermolecular hydrogen bonds and resembles pleated folds?

Secondary structure

What is the main force that stabilizes the secondary and tertiary structures of proteins?

Disulfide linkages

Which molecular shape can the tertiary structure of proteins give rise to?

Fibrous shape

What is the spatial arrangement of sub-units in proteins known as?

Quaternary structure

Which protein structure represents the folding of polypeptide chains beyond the primary structure?

Secondary structure

What is the product called when three amino acids are linked together?


Which structure is formed in fibrous proteins when polypeptide chains run parallel and are held together by hydrogen and disulphide bonds?

B-pleated sheet structure

What is the structure called when the chains of polypeptides coil around to give a spherical shape?

Secondary structure

Which type of protein is generally insoluble in water and exhibits a fiber-like structure?

Fibrous protein

In which type of protein structure do the polypeptide chains form a coiled, spring-like shape?

Tertiary structure

Which type of protein structure involves polypeptide chains running parallel and forming hydrogen and disulphide bonds?

Fibrous protein

What is the primary structure of a protein defined as?

The sequence of amino acids linked with each other in a specific order

Which structure of protein involves hydrogen bonding between the -NH and -CO groups of the peptide bond?

Secondary structure

In which structure does a polypeptide chain form all possible hydrogen bonds by twisting into a right-handed screw?

Secondary structure

What type of structure is formed when the backbone of the polypeptide chain folds into a zigzag pattern?

Secondary structure

Which level of protein structure refers to the overall 3D shape of a protein?

Tertiary structure

What is the quaternary structure of a protein defined as?

The overall 3D shape of a protein with multiple polypeptide chains

Explore the secondary and tertiary structures of proteins, including the b-pleated sheet where peptide chains are laid side by side and held together by hydrogen bonds. Learn about the overall folding of polypeptide chains in the tertiary structure.

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