Protein Metabolism Waste Products

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What are the two classes of waste products of protein metabolism?

Nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous

Which waste products are considered non-nitrogenous?

Carbon dioxide and water

What is the major nitrogenous waste product in the body?


Where is urea formed in the body?


What is the first step in the metabolism of most amino acids?

Removal of the α-amino group by transamination

How are the carbon skeletons from the majority of amino acids degraded?

To Krebs cycle intermediates after removal of the amino group by transamination

What term is used for amino acids that can give rise to blood glucose via the gluconeogenic pathway?

Glycogenic amino acids

Why are some amino acids termed 'glycogenic'?

They can give rise to blood glucose via the gluconeogenic pathway

What is the function of the kidneys in excreting protein waste products?

Excreting urea and other waste products in the urine

Test your knowledge on waste products generated by the metabolism of proteins. Learn about nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous waste products, including urea, carbon dioxide, and water.

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