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Which term refers to a metal's ability to withstand sudden shock without breaking or fracturing?


What does the term 'elastic limit' refer to in relation to metals?

Maximum load before permanent shape change

Which organization sets ratings and standards for iron and steel?


What does 'fatigue' refer to in the context of metals?

Characteristic causing fracture under repeated loads

What distinguishes a pure metal from an alloy?

Addition of chemical elements

Which property refers to the resistance of a metal to penetration by other materials?


What method can increase the hardness of a metal by cold working at room temperature?


Which metal property allows a metal to be bent, rolled, or changed in shape without breaking?


What does hardenability refer to in relation to metals?

Uniform hardening of metal to its center

Which metal exhibits poor hardenability where it hardens only on the surface and remains relatively soft at the center?

Gray cast iron

Test your knowledge on the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of metals. Explore characteristics such as chemical reactions, color, density, weight, electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, hardness, and more.

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