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What is the term used by scientists to refer to everything in the universe?


Which ancient philosophers classified matter into five basic elements known as 'Panch Tatva'?

Indian philosophers

What are the two schools of thought regarding the nature of matter?

Continuous and Discrete

Which property distinguishes matter based on its physical properties?


What did early Indian philosophers believe was the fundamental composition of all things?

'Panch Tatva'

What do modern-day scientists classify matter based on?

Both Physical and Chemical Properties

What property of matter allows a diver to cut through water in a swimming pool?


Which characteristic of particles of matter explains why the shape of each sugar or salt crystal remains fixed?

Particle arrangement

Why does the smell of hot sizzling food reach you from several meters away compared to cold food?

Faster movement of hot food particles

In which state of matter do particles have the highest kinetic energy?


What property of matter is demonstrated when a sponge can be compressed by expelling trapped air?


Which property of matter is associated with the force required to break a sugar or salt crystal?


What property of matter does the density of a substance reflect?

Force of attraction between particles

Why does a gas fill completely the vessel in which it is kept?

Gases have weak force of attraction between particles

In which state of matter do particles have the highest kinetic energy?


Why do liquids generally have lower density compared to solids?

Liquids have weaker force of attraction between particles

What determines the ability of a gas to exert pressure on the walls of a container?

Kinetic energy of gas particles

Why can we easily move our hand in air but not through a solid block of wood?

Wood particles have stronger force of attraction than air particles

Study Notes

  • Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas, with each state having different characteristics due to variations in the particles of matter.
  • The physical properties of matter have been classified based on physical properties, with chemical properties to be discussed in subsequent chapters.
  • Early Indian philosophers classified matter into five basic elements, while modern scientists have evolved classifications based on physical and chemical nature.
  • Matter is made up of particles, as shown in the magnified schematic pictures of the three states of matter, with particles exhibiting different motions in each state.
  • Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance, and examples are given to arrange in increasing order of density such as air, exhaust from chimneys, honey, water, chalk, cotton, and iron.

Test your knowledge on properties of matter with questions on what constitutes as matter, observations related to smell, properties of matter demonstrated by a diver, and characteristics of particles of matter.

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