Properties of Carbon Nanofibers, Water Strider, and Cell Chemistry

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What type of structure does the selectively permeable membrane consist of?

Double-layered phospholipid bilayer

In cell chemistry, what process involves the synthesis of molecules from amino acids?


Why is carbon referred to as the 'King of All Elements' in biological molecules?

It is present in DNA, proteins, and fats

What characteristic of water allows it to form a layer or film on surfaces like a Water Strider?

Surface tension

Which principle of Cell Chemistry involves molecules having internal memory to reassemble?


What property of water allows it to form spheres of hydration around ions?

Hydrogen bonding

Which term best describes hydrocarbons according to the text?


What is the main function of a SEMI PERMEABLE MEMBRANE as described in the text?

Control the entry and exit of solutes

Why is the amphipathic nature important in cell membranes?

To regulate the entry and exit of molecules

What is responsible for the cohesive nature of water molecules?

Hydrogen bonding

How does water contribute to dissolving a large variety of substances?

By virtue of its polarity

Why do large uncharged polar molecules like glucose and sucrose pass through the membrane slowly?

They form spheres of hydration around them, impeding their movement

What is the role of channel membrane proteins in the movement of solutes across a semi-permeable membrane?

They shield water away from the hydrophobic region, allowing faster movement of solutes

Why is it stated as a blessing that small nonpolar molecules like O2 and CO2 don't need membrane proteins to pass through?

They are integral components of cellular respiration

What is the significance of water being a major component of cells?

Water-based cells allow for various chemical reactions to occur

Why do small uncharged polar molecules like H2O and ethanol move relatively quickly across a semi-permeable membrane?

Their small size allows them to move faster

What is the main reason why ions like Cl-, K+, and Na+ cannot easily pass through a semi-permeable membrane?

Ions form hydration spheres around them, preventing passage

Explore the unique properties of carbon nanofibers, the water strider's behavior due to surface tension, and the 5 principles of cell chemistry including carbon, water, selectively permeable membrane, polymerization, and self-assembly.

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