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What is the primary role of a Specialist Architect in site development?

To plan and specify civil works, softscape, and hardscape requirements

What is the purpose of a building environment rating system?

To promote sustainable design and evaluate environmental performance

What is the definition of appraisal in the context of architectural practice?

The act of estimating the value of a building or structure

What is the primary role of an Architect in Contract Documentation and Review Services?

To have knowledge of Specification Writing, Estimation, and Quantity Survey

What is the primary requirement for an Architect specializing in Dispute Avoidance and Resolution?

State-accreditation in Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is professional specialization?

Training in a speciality within a profession

What is the primary goal of Specialized Architectural Services?

To enhance a project's interior and exterior components

What is the role of an architect in Architectural Interiors?

To design space plans, furniture, and equipment

What is the role of an architect in Architectural Lighting Layout and Design?

To prepare drawings, specifications, and bid

What is the goal of Site Development Planning?

To incorporate the surrounding environment to create a suitable mood and activity

Study Notes

Specialist Architect Services

  • A Specialist Architect conceptualizes the site development plan, including civil works, softscape and hardscape requirements, specifications, and utility lines.
  • They assist the owner in bidding out work or negotiating with contractors, especially when no Specialist Architect is available.

Historic and Cultural Heritage Conservation and Planning

  • The Consulting Architect provides research, assessment, recording, management, interpretation, and conservation of historical heritage.
  • They require suitable training and experience in this area of architectural practice.

Building Environmental Certification

  • A building environment rating system is needed to evaluate a building's environmental performance and promote sustainable design.
  • The system should be credit-based, flexible, and consensus-based, allowing projects to earn points for environmentally friendly use.
  • Consulting architects must have knowledge of environmental laws and international protocols to accelerate green building practices.

Building Appraisal

  • Appraisal is defined as an act or process of estimating value.
  • The Consulting Architect places value on the building/structure condition and defects, and on its repair and maintenance, including the required improvements.

Contract Documentation and Review Services

  • The Architect must have extensive knowledge of Specification Writing, Estimation and Quantity Survey, Architectural Production, Architectural Software, Architectural Support Services, and Contract Document Review.
  • They must possess more than basic knowledge in these areas.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

  • The Architect must have extensive knowledge of the various modes of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) prescribed under R.A.No. 9285, the ADR Act of 2004, and its IRR.
  • This includes Construction Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation, Negotiation and Contract Administration, Quality Surveys, Appraisals, and Adjustments, and Expert Testimony.
  • An Architect specializing in ADR must preferably be State-accredited.

Management of Architectural Practices

  • Architects must possess extensive knowledge in various aspects such as Architectural Office Operations, Management, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Labor Code, Marketing, Project Development, Proposals, Negotiations, Contract Administration, File Management, and Business Process Outsourcing.

Professional Specialization

  • Professional specialization is the training undertaken in a speciality within a profession by professional personnel.
  • This may or may not lead to professional certification or professional licensing.

Specialized Architectural Services

  • These services provide expertise to enhance a project's interior and exterior components, ensuring that the building and its environment improve public health, safety, and welfare, while adhering to national and international standards.

Architectural Interiors

  • The architect designs a building's interiors, ensuring they contribute to the overall concept.
  • They design space plans, furniture, and equipment, assist in negotiations, and approve materials and billings.
  • They also conduct final inspections and approve installed components.

Architectural Lighting Layout and Design

  • The architect is a specialist in lighting layout and design, responsible for preparing drawings, specifications, bidding, negotiating with sub-contractors, checking and approving materials and fixtures, conducting final inspections, and assisting in evaluating the amount due to the sub-contractor.

Site Development Planning

  • The Architect designs a building or structure, incorporating the surrounding environment to create a suitable mood and activity.
  • They design open spaces that contribute to the overall project.

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