Architecture and Urban Planning Concepts Review

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Which urban planning movement promotes satellite communities to capture the benefits of countryside and city living?

Garden City

Which concept controls urban development to run along railways and utility lines?

Ciudad Lineal

Who introduced the New Towns Movement in England?

Leslie Patrick Abercrombie

Who authored the American Housing Act?

Catherine Bauer Wurster

Which urban concept emphasizes the organic relationship between people and their living spaces?

Organic City

Which navigator founded the settlement of New Amsterdam in the USA?

Henry Hudson

What is considered the father of American landscape architecture?

None of the above

What is the main cause of urbanization in the Philippines according to the passage?

All of the above

What is the meaning of the term 'Fertile Crescent'?

An early, dense network of cities and villages in an agricultural region

Which of the following was not a common settlement layout in ancient civilizations?


What was the main emphasis in the urban planning and design of Greek city-states?


What was the concept introduced by Hippodamus of Miletus in Greek city-state planning?

Strict grid plan regardless of terrain

Test your knowledge on architecture and urban planning concepts involving community architecture, Garden City movement, conurbation, and Ciudad Lineal. Explore the contributions of Constantinos Apostolos Doxiadis to Ekistics.

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