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What is the purpose of the given text?

To define the term 'range (R)'

In the given text, what does the symbol '%' represent?


What is N in the context of the text?

A variable representing a number

Based on the text, what does the term 'Z' refer to?

An unknown quantity

How are the expressions '@' and 'ٮ' used in the text?

As placeholders for variables

What is the primary focus of the field of Statistics as mentioned in the text?

Analyzing and summarizing data

Which of the following best describes the role of Statistics?

Organizing and summarizing data

What does Statistics involve according to the provided text?

Analyzing and interpreting data

Which of the following is NOT a key aspect of Statistics based on the text?

Predicting future events accurately

What is the main purpose of Statistics, according to the text provided?

To analyze and summarize data

What is the raw material of Statistics?


In the context of Statistics, what does 'ٮﺎﻧﺎت3ٮ' refer to?

Raw material of Statistics

What is the primary focus of Statistics?

Drawing conclusions from data

What is the initial step in the statistical process?

Collecting raw material

What role does 'ٮﻞ اﻟ3ٮﺺ وﺗﺤﻠٮﻢ وﺗﻠ>ﺤ3ٮﻤ وﺗﻨ>ﻄ-ٮ- ‫ﻘﻂ‬3ٮ' play in Statistics?

Data collection

What does the term 'range' refer to in a data set?

The difference between the largest and smallest observations in the data set

Which statistical measure represents the range in a data set?


In statistics, what does 'spread' typically refer to?

The variability or dispersion of values in a data set

Which of the following provides a measure of how much the data values deviate from the mean?

Mean absolute deviation

What aspect of a data set does the range help to determine?

Variability or spread

What type of random variable is characterized by gaps or interruptions in the values it can assume?

Discrete random variable

Which random variable can assume any value within a specified interval of values?

Continuous random variable

What is the largest collection of values of a random variable for which we have an interest at a particular time?


In which scale are observations classified into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive categories?

Nominal scale

When can observations be ranked according to some criterion?

Ordinal scale

What scale has data that possess the properties of ordinal data and where the intervals between observations are expressed using a fixed unit of measurement?

Interval scale

On which type of scale are observations different from category to category and can be ranked?

Nominal Scale

Which type of variables consist of gaps or interruptions in the values they can take?

Ordinal Random Variable

Test your knowledge of probability and random variables with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as discrete random variables with interruptions in values and continuous random variables with values within specified intervals.

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