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What is the purpose of using the Tab key according to the text?

To navigate the session

How can the Tab key operate in terms of modes according to the text?

Basic and Transient

What does a blue-colored Tab to Transients button indicate according to the text?

Enabled state

How can you ensure that the Tab to Transients mode is disabled according to the text?

By making it look grey in color

What is the default Pro Tools shortcut to toggle the Tab to Transients feature on and off for Windows systems?


What happens when you press the Tab key after clicking on a track with several clips before a given clip?

The Edit insertion moves to the next clip boundary

What are the two track views available for video tracks in Pro Tools?

Blocks and Frames

In which track view does a video clip appear as colored blocks with no visual feedback inside?

Blocks View

What happens to the thumbnail images in the Frames view as you zoom in horizontally?

More detail is visible

What tool can you use to move a video clip in the timeline in Pro Tools?

Grabber tool

How is the size of the Video window controlled in Pro Tools?

By right-clicking in the window

What key combination can you use to quickly show or hide the Video window in Pro Tools?

Command + 9

What does holding down the Tab key do?

Rapidly move the Edit cursor from boundary to boundary

How can you move the Edit insertion to the previous clip boundary?

Press and hold the Option key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) while pressing the Tab key

What does 'Tab to Transients' functionality do?

Jump to clip boundaries and stop at each transient

What happens when you press the Tab key after selecting a track with several clips?

The Edit insertion jumps to the start of a clip

How can you make a selection while moving with the Tab key?

Hold down the Shift key as you tab

What does holding down 'Shift' while pressing Tab do?

Create a selection based on Pro Tools' transient analysis

How can you quickly move the Edit insertion to the next transient?

Hold down Option (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while pressing Tab

What happens when 'Tab to Transients' is enabled?

Tab can move from note to note on MIDI tracks

When should you press and hold down the Tab key?

Tab to Transients is enabled

When will Tab not jump from transient to transient?

When Tab to Transients is disabled

What is the main purpose of the Avid Video Engine in Pro Tools?

To activate the ability to play video

Which version of Pro Tools does NOT support video tracks?

Pro Tools Artist

What should you do if you want to deactivate the Avid Video Engine in your Pro Tools session?

Deactivate it manually in the Playback Engine settings

How can you import video into a Pro Tools session?

From the Import menu > Video submenu

What happens when you import a new video file into a session that already contains video in Pro Tools Studio?

The new video will replace the previous one

What is the default location for imported audio files when importing a video into a Pro Tools session?

/Audio Files subfolder of the session

What does 'Adding' a file mean when importing a new track into Pro Tools?

Linking to the original file location without duplication

Explore the differences in video capabilities between Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Ultimate. Learn about the limitations and editing features offered in each version, with a focus on Pro Tools Studio for this course.

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