President Reagan's Foreign Policy

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What did President Reagan denounce the Soviet Union as?

What did President Reagan authorize during his administration?

Which country did the Reagan administration covertly fund anti-government fighters in?

What treaty did Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign in 1987?

What was the nickname given to the space-based Strategic Defense Initiative authorized by President Reagan?

Who did President Reagan authorize aid to in their battle against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan?

In which year did US forces invade Grenada after a coup by hardline members of the island’s own leftist government?

Which country did President Reagan's administration support authoritarian anticommunist dictatorships in?

Who rose to Soviet leadership in March 1985 and introduced policies of glasnost and perestroika?

What famous phrase did President Reagan utter at the Brandenburg Gate of the Berlin Wall?

In which year did the Berlin Wall come down?

What was the main argument of Reagan's 'Evil Empire' speech?

'Evil Empire' speech was delivered in an address to a religious group for what reason?

What led to warmer relations between the US and the Soviet Union during Reagan's second term?

'Iran-Contra affair' involved secret sales of weapons to which country?

What was the main consequence of the Beirut bombings in April and October 1983?


Test your knowledge on President Reagan's foreign policy, including his stance against the Soviet Union, military buildup, funding of anti-communist fighters, and the warming of US-Soviet relations during his second term.

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